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My partner and I bought a house in October 2012 and renovated it. We started by thinking we would do 'a bit of decorating', but this has turned in to ripping nearly everything out of the premises and starting from scratch. A couple of people have asked to see photos to see how we are doing so I thought I would share our journey...

The original state -

The lounge

The garden


The Kitchen


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Natalie Laurijssen said...

I'm curious for more pictures and off course the result!
X - Natalie - X

Unknown said...

hiya sweetie wow you gotta lot to do then sweetie......but just think how amazing it will look for next the garden that looks fine and lo and behold the kitchen sink lol!!!!!! take care your working too hard...try and get a rest but bettcha dont...hugs sassyxxxxxxxx

MagsB said...

Oh my so mush work to do, but so satisfying when it's done1 (hold that thought!) I love the picture of the snow-covered garden with the kitchen sink, it makes me smile!


love Mags B x

scrappymo! said...

Keep thos pictures coming...I love to watch a reno project!!!

I think the lovely thing thing about purchasing a house that needs work (a they call it here, is that you end up with exactly what YOU want. Not what the previous owner wanted!
Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh goody, l love being nosey lol.

Such a great idea to track your progress Laura, you certainly will enjoy looking back once the house is finished. You've both taken on a mammoth task but it will be stunning by the time you've finished.

Our house needed gutting when we first bought it but it's lovely now. It's hard work and somedays you may fell totally fed up with all the mess, dust etc but it'll soon be forgotten once your enjoying your new home.

TFS, can't wait for the next instalment :)

Big hugs xxx

Jules said...

Hi Laura

What a fabulous way to chart the changes in your first home.

This will be fabulous to look back on .. .. especially when it is all finished and how you want it to be.

I hope you like gardening!!!

Wishing you lot of happiness in your home.

Love Jules xx

Sarn said...

OMG! You're a brave woman . . . I simply couldn't tackle a task like this. I just know it'll look wonderful once you've made it your own . . . but that looks like A LOT of HARD WORK in the meantime! I mean . . . ceilings TOO??????

Sarn xxx

Angela said...

What a great undertaking...have done this before myself...bought a duplex, gutted it and turned it into a single family dwelling. Love your plan for the new looks wonderful! The great thing about this kind of project is that everything is new and you get to pick it yourself! I can't wait to see updates!

Sarn said...

Thanks for the update pictures Laura. It looks like it's coming along really well. KEEP GOING - it's DEFINITELY going to look fab and will be worth all the hard work in the end.

Big big hugs
Sarn xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow Laura, you've been a busy girl and all of your hard work is paying off. You're gonna have a house that's stunning and how posh are you, under floor heating! Can't wait to see the next instalment.

Have a good weekend and thanks for calling by yesterday xx

coops said...

wow you have done so much hun and its going to look fabulous when its finished :D

xx coops xx

scrappymo! said...

Don't know if you are in yet...but it looks fabulous so are doind such a nice job!
Tahnks for sharing this exciting journey with us.