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Sunday, 13 May 2012


Hi All,

Happy Sunday!! 

I am posting for some advice and possibly a couple of links! 

I am going to make a Birthday card for my Dad (not until the end of August yet) but wanted to look early as I want to find an image (digi or stamp) of a man bbq-ing.

I remember seeing one around somewhere a while ago but silly me didn't write the name down!

If anyone comes across anything like this or knows of any good websites, I would greatly appreciate a link.

Thanks a bunch :)

Laura xx

Edit: Thank you all for your FAB suggestions!! I didn't realise there were so many out there, I have gone for the Mo's digital pencil image so THANKS!

12 much appreciated comments:

Gillian R said...

Try digistamp boutique. I am sure they have one.

Beth said...

Thanks for your lovely comments in my blog! I love what you make too! :)
There's a High Hopes stamp called Grillin' Joe which I've made cards from if you want a peep. Otherwise I think Mo's Digi Pencil has a BBQ one, good luck!

Beth xx

Donna said...

Hi Laura, the Digi Stamp Boutique have one - BBQ Alf... here's the lonk :


Donna said...

what's a 'lonk?'...I meant link...doh!

Anonymous said...

Heh Laura, I hate it when you see something then can't remember where it was. It happens to me all the time! Good luck on finding something suitable, sorry l don't have any suggestions for you.

Have a great evening xx

Liz McGuire, said...

I was gonna link the DigiStamp Boutique but Donna beat me to it!

Liz x

Lisa Lynne said...

Hi Laura, thanks so much for visiting my blog, and leaving such kind comments! You work here is lovely!
I'll keep my eye out for a "grilling" image.
Thanks again

NGCARDS said...

Hiya hun, lili of the valley have a stamp of a bear bbq'ing if that is any help,a lso thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment :) As for my copic storage I'm afraid it is something I asked my Dad to hand make for me :) xxx

Jules said...

Hi Laura

Yep, the one I have came from Digistamp Boutique.

Hope all is going well with your studies.

Love Jules xx

Teresa - My Crafty Heart said...

Hi Laura,
Mo does a digi of a man barb'q ing and here it is:

He's quite a large chap though, but I think a lot of it is muscle:) Hugs, Teresa x

Sarn said...

Just popping by to say Hi!
Sorry hon, can't help you with your search, but looks like you already have lots of good suggestions. GOOD LUCK xxx

Di said...

Loads of lovely suggestions for the BBQ image, aren't bloggers just great :)

The next few weeks will be over soon Laura, just keep going and the end will be here before you know it.

Penny Black Stickeroos are sold in sheets, very sticky backed peeloff images. Handy Hippo have a very good selection - I got most of mine there. Or, try E-bay.

One thing to remember is that if you want to stick a Stickeroo onto a piece of backing card to form a frame, leave enough surrounding card to trim it down after as it's very easy to stick a Stickeroo on a bit 'wonky' - and they stick like mad. It's not a problem, just a little tip :)

Hugs, Di xx