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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Trying out the promarkers...

I know this is nothing on other peoples work but I have been trying out my promarkers over the last few days and wanted to share to see what you think.
This image was printed free from melonheadz blog. See her link on the right side of my blog (one of my faves)
Any tips/comments would be welcome!
Thanks for looking!

Laura x

3 much appreciated comments:

Di said...

Phew Laura - fantastic!! Love the shading and hair especially. Well done you.

I'm absolutely no expert but there's one little hint. I'm not sure how you coloured her lovely cheeks - I suspect it might have been after doing her face and then, possibly, using the blender pen to soften the edges round the pink? It's resulted in a lighter circle round her pink cheeks than the rest of her face. I find that happens to me anyhow and in truth I mostly use the blender pen for cleaning away mistakes and also for cleaning the ultra fine nibs rather than for blending.

You can sort this out by using the colour you used for the main part of her face to blend the pink outwards a bit. So, the lighter colour will always soften the edges of a darker tone and help to blend the two together if you go over it afterwards.

I hope this makes sense honey, as I say, I'm just a novice and you're already waaaay ahead of me on the shading! I feel a bit awkward offering this :(


Gillian R said...

Laura you are doing great for just starting out. You should check out Debbie at She does some wonderful tutorials. X

Di said...

Hi Laura, Di again! Just to say, you can fix the image by doing some blending using the lighter colour as I suggested so it isn't wasted - much too nice not to use!! Di xx